Chapter History

The Margery Sullivan Chapter was founded on February 3, 1896, at the home of Mrs. Susan E. Sawyer, organizing regent. There were fifteen charter members.

Our Charter Members
Susan E. Sawyer (Mrs. Charles H.), Organizing Regent
Gertrude Sawyer (Mrs. William D.), Vice Regent
Abbie M. McDuffee Chase (Mrs. Charles K.), Treasurer
Caroline H. Garland (Miss), Registrar
Margaret P. Varney (Miss), Historian
Agnes Cheney Fish (Mrs. Charles)
Anna P. Frost (Miss)
Margaret B. Frost (Miss)
Martha Frost (Mrs. George S.)
Sophia D. Hall (Mrs. Colonel Daniel)
Sarah Low (Miss)
Gertrude S. Sawyer (Mrs. Charles F.)
Sarah Seavey (Mrs. J. Frank)
Hannah W. Smith (Mrs. Jeremiah)
Lydia A. Webster (Miss)

Margery Sullivan

by Phyllis May Caron Gagnon

Margery Sullivan, that was her name

Married John Sullivan – her claim to fame.

But Margery Sullivan, she had a life,

And she was more than John Sullivan’s wife

Born Marg’ret Browne, in Ireland of old,

Known for her beauty, and known to be bold!

At 9 years of age a poor orphan girl,

She boarded a ship bound for the new world.

Also on board, a man of thirty-one,

Tall, distinguished Owen O’Sullivan.

In the new world, he changed his name to John,

And then was hired a teacher before long.

Years later, when Marg’ry was twenty-three,

John paid her indenture – a hefty fee.

And thus began their life of wedded bliss

The perfect marriage, with maybe a twist…

Adored by his students, happy with life,

It seems the husband neglected his wife.

At home, on the farm, in the fields she toiled,

Til, over time, her Irish temper boiled!

So, “Master Sullivan,” he took the door;

He would not abide the shrew anymore!

But Marg’ry atoned, in public no less,

And in the Boston Post, wrote her redress.

Margery promised to amend and reform,

So, John relented and he returned home.

Sixty years, all told, their marriage would last

Until, at one hundred and five, John passed.

But, the story of Margery and John

Through their children, forever lives on.

The warriors and Patriots Margery raised

Tell of a woman to be ever praised!

Our Former Regents Dates
Susan E. Sawyer 1896-1897
Gertrude H. Sawyer 1897-1899
Agnes C. Fish 1899-1900
Helen M. Murkland 1900-1901
Fannie D. French 1901-1903
Eva G. Hurd 1903-1905
Winifred L. Goss 1905-1907
Katherine V. H. Brown 1907-1909
Elizabeth P. Tapley 1909-1911
Alice C. Lamothe 1911-1913
Margaret P. Varney 1913-1915
Sara A. Pike 1915-1917
Olive H. Houston 1917-1919
Mary Abby L. Manock 1919-1921
Minnie D. Whitney 1921-1923
Alice Paton Barrett 1923-1925
Jennie M. Demerritt 1925-1927
Madeline Thorndike Reynolds Smith 1927-1929
Ethel Bennett Chapman 1929-1931
Georgia B. Case 1931-1933
Madeline Thorndike Reynolds Smith 1933-1935
Alice Kingman Hill 1935-1937
Lila B. Roberts 1937-1939
Dorothy K. Kalijarvi 1939-1941
Florence E. MacDaniel 1941-1944
Olive S. Austin 1944-1946
Bertha M. Davis 1946-1948
Elizabeth S. Philbrick 1948-1950
Dorothy S. Spofford 1950-1952
Bernice S. McKone 1952-1953
Dorothy L. Wentworth 1953-1954
Bernice S. McKone 1954-1956
Ella M. Newcomb 1956-1962
Wilma Thorin 1962-1964
Ruby H. Farrell 1964-1966
Beatrice H. Lemke 1966-1968
Marion J. Hurd 1968-1970
Marion S. Nossiff 1970-1972
Marion J. Hurd 1972-1976
Dorothy G. Brown 1976-1979
Miriam D. Printy 1979-1985
Margaret S. Sumner 1985-1989
Eleanor G. Bryant 1989-1992
Polly G. Walker 1992-1995
Maryann H. Wentworth 1995-1998
Elizabeth S. Canada 1998-2001
Alta Hartdorn 2001-2004
Barbara Langley 2004-2007
Mae Strawbridge 2007-2010
Patricia Holt 2010-2016
Christine Drown 2016-2022